Early Years Foundation Stage, Lower Primary, Upper Primary

Our Primary school sports programme has significantly grown this academic year seeing students from Year 1 to Year 6 being provided with a vast range of after school activities in each term.

Furthermore we have an U8’s team and U11’s team competing in the highly contest Delhi Youth League in football which spans from October through to April.

Providing opportunities across the year- key stage 3, 4 and 5.

Our Secondary school sports programme has never seen so many participants this year. Our students have access to 1000’s of hours of sporting opportunities allowing them to compete as a Panther against other schools.

Furthermore we have a representative level in our ISACI tournaments at senior level. We look forward to success on both a local and National level.

Founders and members of ISACI tournament & member of FOBISIA

This year has seen our students have access to our ISACI tournaments where they play schools from Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune in various sporting contexts at Senior level. We are founding members of this tournament and in our opening four tournaments we are rightful champions.

We are champions in Senior Girls football, Senior Boys basketball, Senior Girls Volleyball and Senior Boys cricket.


It might not make you a world-class athlete, but a Physical education and sports science could open many different doors.

Panther Community- Join us

Sport is as much about the social aspect as it is the competition. We are a community, making new friends, sharing experiences and building a family ethos. Therefore we invite out whole community from teachers students, parents and beyond to be part of these exciting times and celebrate the successes we are making.

IGCSE- Physical Education

This is an access are for all IGCSE students where they can access the curriculum, resources and more to help promote Physical Education and sport at the academic level. It has forums for class discussions and offline/online teacher support which will be used as a 21st Century approach to communicating with our students.


This Year saw the birth of IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science as an academic option at the top level of the school. It has unit breakdowns for the students with resources, links and assignments. It also encourages students to be independent learners and discuss interesting articles that relate to the course on our forum.


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